RE: [CR] Denver Veloswap Party Event Alternative?

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Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 11:35:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: RE: [CR] Denver Veloswap Party Event Alternative?
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Speaking of swaps, the biggest negative in what was generally a very good Larz this year was the total lack of a swap. This had been separately organized at a different site last year, evidently because the museum, for reasons I personally do not know, was unwilling to let it continue to be held at the show site.

Due to less than desired seller pre-registration this year, the swap was cancelled on less than a week's notice. Jason Cloutier, with some support from me, tried to save the swap at the last moment, but there simply wasn't time. Jason did have a yard sale at his home in Pawtucket, RI, of the stuff he was going to bring to the swap, and several CR members including myself made it down there. But a full-blown swap would obviously have been much better.

I think it would be very desirable to return the swap to the show site, organized by the same people as the show proper. If the museum will not allow this, I'd suggest maybe another site for the show, where a swap could be held, would better serve the needs of the participants. I know the show at Larz Anderson has become a tradition, but I'm afraid a show without the opportunity for a swap is going to become a serious handicap in the future.

Obviously, this decision lies with the show organizers, currently Maurice and Peter, but I think the issue is of concern to many CR members, who constitute an important portion of the potential attendees.

I suggested to Jason that if nothing can be worked out onsite for next year, maybe he should promote a swap in Pawtucket. It's an easy drive to Pawtucket from Boston, with some very good dining available in Providence for after the event. And after all, once you move the swap away from the show site, Pawtucket is as good a site as any.


Jerry Moos Houston, TX

Jeff Nye <> wrote: Hi Mike,

It is pretty discouraging to see the path that our beloved VS is taking, I started attending maybe eight years a go when the cost was reasonable, the venue small and the goal simple. IMHO, the costs have really gotten out of hand, my long time partner has thrown in the towel so I may be trying to staff my table as a solo act this year, (if I attend at all).

I would gladly support another swap if you put one together, especially since about half of my purchases were across your table last year.

Thanks for the nickel tour last Friday, it was good to see you. Jeff Nye Ft. Collins, CO

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Hi CR folks,

I just looked at the Denver Veloswap pricing and it is getting very expensive for individual sellers - every year there is less cool stuff as the corporate "expo" booths take over the event. They really seem to want to push the little guys out.

I'm wondering if folks would be interested in getting together on the Veloswap date for an alternative in the Denver area - something ride/swap/party/show related.

Most of the cool stuff at the swap is from myself and others selling cool stuff among ourselves.

We could also donate some money to Bicycle Colorado too. Veloswap runs the event as a profit maker and only a small amount of the proceeds go to the listed charities.

If there is interest, I'd be willing to put a little time into organizing it. If not, I'll just suck it up and go to Veloswap.

It isn't the money that bothers me, its the principle. Veloswap charges Clubs $175 and NonProfits $150 for a table at the event. Seems just a bit too greedy. If all profits were going to the charity (after paying a few staff members to actually do it) I'd understand. But this is a bit much.

Mike "ranting away" in Boulder CO

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> Rats! (An exclamation and a description of those who foul the CR nest!)
> Sorry that you had those bad experiences Ray. I was glad to meet you at this
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> their ugly faces....
> BUT, I still think that despite a few stinkers (!), CR folk are, in the great
> majority, a noble bunch! I know I truly value the friends I have met through
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> Dale


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