Re: [CR]Frame painters in the NYC area?

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Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 20:24:00 -0400
From: Julian Shapiro <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Frame painters in the NYC area?
To: "Anderson, Robert" <>,
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The Cuevas family is still floating around the area (Queens? Jersey?) but I wouldn't know where to find them now. The last I knew was a shop callled Wheel Wise on Aveune A & 10th St. - Lower East Side - but that's long gone.

Julian Shapiro
Sag Harbor, NY

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Subject: [CR]Frame painters in the NYC area?

> Hi,
> I'm thinking about splurging and having a recently acquired colnago frame
> repainted with replacement decals. Could someone on the list direct me to
> frame painter in the New York City area that you, or someone you know has
> used with good results? Offlist would be fine.
> Thanks,
> Rob Anderson
> Brooklyn, USA