[CR]1974 to 81 Vintage Cycling books for sale.

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From: "Chuck Johnston" <crj@frii.com>
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Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 16:54:31 -0600
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Subject: [CR]1974 to 81 Vintage Cycling books for sale.

Here is a listing of Vintage bike books for sale...... All are from 74- 81 era All are in good condition no damage.

Bicycling the Colorado Rockies Vici DeHaan The hills are still there and still good to ride. $5.00

Bike Rides of the Colorado Front Range Vici DeHaan Still good info on Colorado rides $5.00

Beginning Bicycle Racing Fred Matheney Good vintage book written a guy by hard to beat in the sprint .... Covers lots of vintage Colorado and national Riders and racing $7.50

Winning Bicycle Racing Jack Simes Vintage Racing info. $6.00

Bicycle Metallurgy For the Cyclist Doug Hayduk ( 87 vintage ,later book but covers lots of steel). $7.50

Nutrition for Athletes E Darden $3.00

International Cycling Guide 1982 352 pages Good reference builders, suppliers British publication. $17.50

Weight training for Cyclist Fred Matheney Velo news $5.00

Complete Bicycle Time trial Training book Bike World Publication Good vintage photos 85 pages $7.50

All items + shipping Media mail fairly inexpensive.

Contact off list for more info

All items plus shipping.
Chuck Johnston
Ft Collins Colorado