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Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 09:59:38 EDT
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Subject: [CR]Re: Merckx/Kessels

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<< The highest quality Merckx frames from Kessels use Campy dropouts, a flat seat stay cap w/fairly large diameter seat stays, Reynolds 531 tubing and nice long point lugs (Prugnat I believe), just like the Molteni team bikes. >>

(I think I have mentioned this before on the CR but....) Before cycles de ORO, I ran a shop called the Carolina Pedal Shop. What was to become CDO opened in 1975 so this must have been 1973-74. In any case, I was a Falcon~Eddy Merckx dealer & sold quite a few cheaper models and a few of the top of the line.

At some point we had ordered some frames for customers and instead of the Falcon made version, we received Kessels made versions. The Importer said when I inquired that they had such shortages that they brought in a handful of the Kessels models to fill in.

The Kessels frames were much more carefully built as compared to the Falcons (which were more than decent but obviously more "production") The dropouts were filed flat along the outer edges, lugs filed very thin and to slender points, the seat stays were 16 mm fatties, the fork blades larger diameter at the lower ends, instead of integral full sloping fork crowns, they had crowns like the Cinelli MR... in short, these looked like "Kermesse" (crit) frames. Very cool Unfortunately I have no idea what happened to those I sold. David may luck out and find one!

Dale Brown
Greensboro, NC USA