[CR]Gillott lugs and Nickelex process

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Subject: [CR]Gillott lugs and Nickelex process

Mick, I think that 1956 is a very sound guess for the end of the taper tubes, the last on the records is 1955. I also noted that Spear lugged frames disappeared (from records) around 1958. Nervex lugs being almost universal. When did Prugnat lugs become available? I have a insert from a Gillott catalogue which advertises the 'New Italian'.
      Quote ' The 'New Italian' Frame set is offered to those who prefer this type of lugwork. It is a stock design exactly as the 'Continental' but has forged ends with gear lug. Built with Reynolds Butted 531 throughout, it is complete in every respect. Sizes 22in , 22 1/2in, 23in. Finished in Super Electro Flamboyant with chromium plated front forks all over and head lugs.'
    Price £14 19 6 (If anyone comes across one of these framesets or has one I would be most intereted in details)
    This must date later than the 1951 catalogue it came with. The cat,. was probably in production for several years and was updated with such inserts. It also lists the 'New Fleur de Lis Superbe' at £20 0 0.
    One way to date it maybe from the new 'Nickelex' process also offered. It describes Nickelex as 60% copper and 40% tin and is a substitute for Nickel. This was the base for the Super Electro Flamboyant paint job. It implies a world Nickel shortage methinks. I remember at the time of the Korean war there was a world chrome shortage.
   Also still offered are double box lining, triple and new type lining and single box and path lining.
   So to sum up Gillotts were offering Italian style frames when box lining was still in fashion so that makes it mid fifties?
     Mark Stevens. Evanton. Scotland

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> Mark,
> Will do. I have an early 50's Granby catalogue no
> Taper tubes listed but I think Gillotts made them up
> until about 56 is that right.
> Cheers Mick.
> Thats all for now. Keep those wheels spinning, in your memories if not
> still on the road. Be lucky Mick Butler Huntingdon UK.