Re: [CR]Black Top Tube Cable Clamps or Black Dura-Ace Headset

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Subject: Re: [CR]Black Top Tube Cable Clamps or Black Dura-Ace Headset
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 12:00:46 +1000

I normally never follow such threads, but I accidentally opened this post. Something in the back of my dusty, cobweb filled brain said, I have one those rattling around in my parts box.

Indeed I do, it is a Dura-Ace headset, silver fork race, black bottom cup, silver top race, black top cup and black nut.

I am happy to sell it, but I have no clue what it is worth. And I do not want to use CR as an auction forum. So if you want it let me know what you will pay for if there is enough interest, I will stick on eBay.

If someone wants photos let me know.

Thank you,

P. Lynn Miller
Sydney, Australia

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> Guy - You really know how to hurt another guy. You wrote:
> Has anyone ever seen/heard of black Dura Ace top tube cable clamps in the black group era? Also, was did the black Dura Ace group also include a black headset?
> So, I went over and looked at my A-D Vent Noir, with what I thought was a full black DuraAce group (which we have taken to calling "DurAcci" with respect to the brand from somewhere in Italy :-) ). I'm the second owner of the bike, and thought the first owner had done little but ride it.
> First, the cable clamps are chrome Shimano, not black. Did not find "DuraAce" on them, but it's late here...
> Second, horror of horrors, not only is the headset chrome, but it is Campagnolo. So now I have to hunt for a "proper" black D/A headset... Would trade for Campy! Earth to Ed Lutz, come in, please!!
> harvey sachs
> mcLean VA
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