Re: [CR]Hand-me-down ... Need Help

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Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 01:04:57 -0400
From: "Brian Eng" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Hand-me-down ... Need Help
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I've had several request for pictures of the lugs and I will definitely take pictures them tomorrow afternoon.

As for fixing the bike, the main goal is to get it usable again. I don't want to say money is no object, but if the frame is decent enough I don't mind spending money on it. I was intending to work on the bike myself so the questions I have are more related to parts moreso than work required. What to do about rims? brakes? et cetera. I'd prefer new stuff as technology has changed quite a bit since the bike was first put together.

As to the seat and cable clamps: right now the seat is some gel thing. I was told it orignally had a Brooks seat on it but my father said it was uncomfortable so he took it off, he thinks he still might have it though. If he does I'll take a picture of that too. The top cable clamps are Campagnolos (father said he remembers paying something like $5/ea when he got them) but are in bad shape and will most likely be replaced.


On 9/4/05, RB <> wrote:
> I need more detailed picures of the frame. Underside of the BB shell, he ad
> tube, all lug work, including the fork (inner and outer) and the rear bra ke
> bridge. Any engraving on the frame (e.g. BB shell underside). Any other
> info your dad can give would be helpful.
> It's a nice bike. Probably worth restoring, but I need more info on the
> frame before I can say whether it's worth spending $xxx to restore. Plea se
> give me an idea of how important is to you to restore - does it have lots
> sentimentatal value to you?
> It's a mix of parts. Campy Nuovo Record deraileurs (nice, top end for th at
> year), Campy Gran Sport hubs (mid line), SR cranks and brake (Japanese -
> equivalent to Campy Gran Sport - Not as good as Campy, but still nice).
> Cinelli bar and stem (old style, very nice). Need pics of the seat, and top
> tube cable clamps also.
> Worth restoring, question is how much to spend, what to do. Proper
> restoration can make all of those parts usable and nice again. You can
> replace just the missing parts (e.g front brake) with like, or you can
> upgrade to Campy. Give me an idea of what you want to spend, and I can
> advise you. Or give me an idea of what you want to accomplish, and I can
> give you a range of prices to expect to pay, either to do it yourself, or
> for others to do it for you.
> Regrds,
> --Bill