Re: [CR]Black Top Tube Cable Clamps or Black Dura-Ace Headset

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From: "P. Lynn Miller" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Black Top Tube Cable Clamps or Black Dura-Ace Headset
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 16:12:25 +1000
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To the list,

Dale, has duly chastised me for my post which was typed in a mad rush. So in penitence and the promotion of good will, I will give to whoever pays the postage and convinces me they need it most. So if you want the headset, tell how you are going put the headset to use and why you should be the new owner, and it is your for the price of postage to wherever you reside. Postage would be about $5.00AUD in Australia and $10.00USD to the US.

Apologies to all,

P. Lynn Miller Sydney, Australia
>>Original message<<
>I normally never follow such threads, but I accidentally opened this post.
>Something in the back of my dusty, cobweb filled brain said, I have one
>those rattling around in my parts box.
>Indeed I do, it is a Dura-Ace headset, silver fork race, black bottom cup,
>silver top race, black top cup and black nut.
>I am happy to sell it, but I have no clue what it is worth. And I do not
>want to use CR as an auction forum. So if you want it let me know what you
>will pay for if there is enough interest, I will stick on eBay.
>If someone wants photos let me know.