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Jerry wrote:
>I could be proven wrong, but I don't believe Shimano, or any major
>manufacturer I know of, ever made black cable clips. Shimano did make
>special larger cable clips for the slightly oversized top tube of the
>Teledyne Titan, but those were silver as well. Never seen or heard of
>black clips.

I've got a 1978 Windsor Carrera Sport here with... black clips. These are OEM, with a peg-type fastener built in. Oh, and they're plastic. Bike is quite heavy, there's no tubing transfer (seatpost is 26.2), and the angles are 74/75 ST/HT. I pulled it literally from a dumpster, and kept it for it's chrome, and solid-looking construction about the dropouts and chromed head lugs. The black paint has an antique look to it, and the parts are just the common bike-boom Suntour/DiaCompe mix, but with GranCompe stem. I added a striking skipped-tooth Shimano touring freewheel alongside the high-flange hubs and derailers that resemble Elvis' glasses. For whatever reasons, even non-cyclists dig this bike as it sits on it's sidestand or at rest at an intersection.

David Snyder
Auburn, CA usa