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Wireless pickup: is that a madison exchange where the rider pulls level with the relief rider but does not actually throw them in (because they aren't able to touch?)?


Kirk Albers
Upper Arlington, OH

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> Jim: Pretty close on one, not quite so close on the second.
> Revolutionary revelation this Sunday.
> Thanks for participating again.
> Ted Ernst
> Palos Verdes Estates, CA
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>> Ah! lovely memories.
>> A jamming tool, was for us, a length of towel rolled up tightly about six
>> inches long which fit into a pocket sewn into your tights on the rear. If
>> your tights didn't have a pocket you simply stuck it into your tights.
>> This roll was what your partner grabbed to sling you forward,
>> transferring the momentum he gained from diving down from the top of the
>> track.
>> A jam is what you're doing for a few laps at the bottom of the track,
>> while your partner is at the top of the track recovering from his jam.
>> At least thats how I remember it.
>> Jim MCcoin