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Subject: Re: [CR]WTB - Stronglight 93 chainring 38T
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 16:46:49 -0700

I measured a bunch of spindle ends a while back, from Campy, Shimano, Tange and Stronglight. The Stronglight taper is slightly smaller than Campy's, but much smaller than Shimano's.

For a well-worn model 93 crankset, often the JIS spindle will better restore the chainline by limiting the depth of the spindle in the square hole of these arms, as when the bolt head threatens to bottom out on the end of the spindle.

The maximum difference of spindle widths translates to just a few mm variation of insertion depth.

David Snyder
Auburn CA usa

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From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos
Subject: Re: [CR]WTB - Stronglight 93 chainring 38T

> Speaking of axles for a Stronglight triple, if one cannot come up with a
> genuine Stronglight or TA, JIS standard Japanese axles will work with
> Stronglight and TA arms, whereas Campy axles and clones often will not.
> JIS axles were used on mid-priced Japanese cranks like the Sugiuno Maxy.
> There is a catch, though. JIS BB"s use thick cups like Campy NR, whereas
> Stronglight and TA cups were much thinner. This means you must use a
> complete JIS BB or a complete Stronglight/TA BB. You cannot mix
> French-made axles with JIS cups or vice versa. Because so many bike boom
> bikes were sold with Sugino Maxy and similar cranks, JIS BB's were once
> plentiful and cheap. They are a bit harder to find now, but bike shop
> owners on the list can still get them for you at a price lower than an NOS
> TA BB. Phil Wood BB's will also work with Stronglight arms, but of course
> they are not cheap.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Houston, TX
> John Thompson <> wrote:
> Rich Pinder wrote:
>> I picked up a Stronglight crank a while ago after someone mused about
>> the possibilities of converting it into a triple.
>> It has a 'protective' ring that sits in front of the large ring. So
>> there are positions that three rings could mount.
>> The name on the back of the crank is 'Modelo Depose' - and I see
>> reference on the net to this name being also in the '93' family. BCD is
>> 71.7.
>> Sheldon's page mentions that Stronglight rings in this size go down to
>> 38 teeth (yes ?) - my current rings are 52/45.
>> If anyone has a used (or new) STRONGLIGHT ring, I'd appreciate it.
>> Here's a picture to compare with: **
>> Has anyone ever tried to convert such a crank over to a triple?? Would
>> there be a BB / Axle that would compensate for the spacing changes ?
>> Appreciate any thoughts you could give.
> Yes, you should be able to convert it to a triple. Stronglight made a
> wide range of axles:
> You'll also want the longer chainring bolts and spacers to attach the
> inner ring.
> The model 93 is a lovely crank, but as you note it only accommodates
> rings down to 38T. If you want a real stump-puller gear, look for a
> model 99, which goes down to 28T.
> Be aware that the dustcap threading is *NOT* standard 22mm, but 23.15mm;
> you will need the official Stronglight crank extractor tool to remove
> the arms. Don't try a TA -- they seem to fit (23mm) but often will strip
> the threads on the crank when you muscle down on the tool.
> --
> John (
> Appleton WI USA