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Come down and watch at the ADT Center in Carson. It's on the beautiful wood 45 degree banked, 250 meter track. Roger Young is the track manager!! Watcha waitin' for? Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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> Ah, this one brings back memories. Back in the late 70s I used
> to work at Allied Cycle in Detroit with Rick Denman. Rick
> raced at the time and encouraged me to come watch him
> at the portable track set up in I think the Southfield, MI ice rink
> (1977?). Those were exciting races to watch. There were several versions
> of races run there, one of them being the Madison race. It was
> amazing to see all those teams out there riding at once. It
> wasthe curves lose traction and slide down. I don't recall the
> numbers, but I recall the straights had to be banked a lot to ease
> the transition to the curves. I believe Roger Young raced there
> then, but I forget all the other names. I'd sure love to see those
> races one more time.


> rob hawks,

> richmond, ca