Re: [CR] Restoration and Value presentation at Velo-Rendezvous 2005: call for bikes

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Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 11:12:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Raymond Dobbins <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Restoration and Value presentation at Velo-Rendezvous 2005: call for bikes
To: "C. Andrews" <>
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hi charles,

have you guys cosidered videotaping the talk, and selling copies? i'm sure many of those who can't attend, like me, would be happy to pay a reasonaple price for for a copy. your topic is definitely of great interest to most of us on the list.

ray dobbins
miami florida

--- "C. Andrews" wrote:

> This is for those of you planning to attend the

\r?\n> Velo-Rendezvous 2005 in Pasadena a month from now. For

\r?\n> dates and other details, see


\r?\n> This is a call for potential restorations. If you're

\r?\n> planning to attend the V-R 2005, and you can bring a bike

\r?\n> that you're considering for restoration, and you'd like some

\r?\n> varied perspectives on the project, please e-mail me. I

\r?\n> will be selecting six bikes for consideration at our

\r?\n> presentation on Saturday, entitled:




\r?\n> I and Jay Van De Veldt (owner of )

\r?\n> will be leading a discussion of a set of related subjects

\r?\n> near and dear to most of us, as laid out below:


\r?\n> Issues involving restoration


\r?\n> 1) when to restore

\r?\n> 2) how to restore

\r?\n> 3) what to restore, and what to leave alone, and why

\r?\n> 4) who to choose for restoration work, and why

\r?\n> 5) crucial details in restoration (graphics and paint

\r?\n> differences; details of finish)

\r?\n> 6) maintaining or enhancing value through restoration

\r?\n> 7) restoration that reduces value


\r?\n> Issues of Value


\r?\n> 1) Evaluating a vintage lightweight: what's it worth? And

\r?\n> why?

\r?\n> 2) Details and nuances involved in valuation.

\r?\n> 3) Differences of opinion in valuation. Why and how.

\r?\n> 4) How to get top-dollar for a vintage lightweight, or not.


\r?\n> In addition to the potential restorations called for above,

\r?\n> there will be other interesting bikes on hand to illustrate

\r?\n> various aspects of the discussion, including a 1930s Gloria

\r?\n> in complete, original condition, a rare 1960s Alex Singer

\r?\n> road bike, a restored 1960s Pogliaghi, and a 1950s

\r?\n> fillet-brazed Rene Herse tandem frame that needs a full

\r?\n> restoration, and more.


\r?\n> These are subjects that concern us all. Some of us have

\r?\n> spent a lot of time and money on a restoration, only to get

\r?\n> it wrong. Sometimes it's better to leave a bike alone.

\r?\n> When is it better? We'll discuss all this and more using

\r?\n> real-world examples, and your actual experiences, and ours.

\r?\n> Hopefully we'll all learn something useful in the process.

\r?\n> And if you're new to restorations, this session may be very

\r?\n> helpful.


\r?\n> Many of us have been involved in high-zoot bike

\r?\n> restorations; if you've paid to have one done, or you do

\r?\n> them for a living, I hope you can come to the presentation.

\r?\n> This will be a presentation with plenty of group

\r?\n> interaction.


\r?\n> This presentation is part of the Saturday afternoon

\r?\n> Symposium. All details are at


\r?\n> Again, e-mail me if you have a potential restoration project

\r?\n> you'd like to bring for consideration.


\r?\n> Thanks.


\r?\n> Charles Andrews

\r?\n> SoCal




\r?\n> "What concerns me is not the way things are,

\r?\n> but rather the way people think things are."


\r?\n> - Epictitus