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Subject: Re: [CR]Minimalist eBay listing: Flying Scot "frame"
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 15:23:28 -0400

Tom, and list, "snipped" "original brooks saddle remains intact, " is probably a polite British Isles way of saying,,,,, the seat post is stuck! and you can have the damn saddle! I'd vote for the pig in the poke!

Peter Weigle
bLymee Ct.

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From: Thomas Adams
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Subject: [CR]Minimalist eBay listing: Flying Scot "frame"

> Here's the minimalist approach to listing a frame on eBay. Seller writes
> one brief paragraph and potential buyer knows hardly more than when he
> started. This could be a tremendous bargain, or a pig in a poke. I saw
> it as "Flying Scot" trips my search monitors, and at least I got a chuckle
> out of it.
> or ebay item 6559572167.
> Zero feedback seller too. I hope that the Flying Scot hasn't joined the
> ranks of Cinelli and Masi as eBay scam bait.
> Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ
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