Re: [CR]That Minimalist Flying Scott E-Bay listing that Tom Adamsmentioned.

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Subject: Re: [CR]That Minimalist Flying Scott E-Bay listing that Tom Adamsmentioned.
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 22:20:45 +0000
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Peter K, wrote,
> By the way, can anyone here in a succinct paragraph tell me what
> makes the
> Flying Scot so coveted other than its wonderful name, sexy
> headbadge and
> Scottish manufacture? Best model? Peak year? Mojo quotient?

Hell Peter, it took me a websites worth to try and explain it. And you didn't read it ? :-)

okay here goes ;

During most of the 50's, the 60s and the 70s, you could have gone along to any Scottish race / club / touring event and seen 80-90% of the field riding Flying Scots. These were perceived as quality frames because they were well made, by enthusiasts (both original main directors were serious roadmen turned local and national organisers), built and sold by cyclists many of whom were either retired or still very competitive. The whole company was sewn into the Scottish club scene. Anyone who could afford it could buy an off-the-shelf Raleigh, Holdsworth, Claude et al.. but you were no one (or at the very least you were a little odd) if you did not own a Scot. There was a time round Glasgow and the West of Scotland when even you're granny knew what having a Scot meant.

Sexiest headbadge - The full enamelled and polished brass job from the early 50s. - in the style of Jock Cinelli (sic)

Best model ; the 'Ventoux' from the late 50s early 60s. Think of any continental race machine from the 50s built around a Scot frame. - Campagnolo de-rigeur, Simplex optional.

Peak Year - No idea, but the post-war period had them working seven days a week.. Max. frames built per year is reckoned to have been just over 1000 though I've yet to find a frame number higher than about 850.. from the peak employment period in the 50s of 5 framebuilders.

Mojo Quotient - Ask someone else - an owner like Brian Baylis perhaps, because I'm biased... apart from that define Mojo (no perhaps not)...

Okay it was a long paragraph.

Here's a shorter one - a sentence even. "They were that good Reg Harris bought his wife one"

Bob Reid