Re: [CR]Tire recommendations for 700c weinmann concaver rims

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Subject: Re: [CR]Tire recommendations for 700c weinmann concaver rims
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 17:29:46 -0400


For over twenty years the only rims I used were these Weinmann concaves (on my only bike at the time). They are virtually indestructable. I really can't remember what tires I first used - they may have been Specialized. I switched to Conti Supersport Ultras 700 X 23C - at about 100PSI (although they are rated for 120) - these are foldables which I used with the concave rims with few problems for many years. I was never told that they weren't a suitable tire.

I do remember one memorable ride on my 531SL Raleigh in the mid-80s when I punctured twice (I think it was the Contis - but they may still have been the Specialized - I can't remember the dating of these things) within a few miles while up in the Welsh valleys - used up the spare inner tube and had no patch kit. My cycling partner was using tubbies and therefore was no help. Night was beginning to fall and we were miles from home. I remember that he had to cycle to the nearest town to try and find a bicycle store still open. We made it home alright - with me cautious of every pot-hole in the road.

I did get fairly quick at replacing tubes but these rims have always been a bugger to get tires on and off in any hurry. Imagine out with a cycling partner and having to do it twice within a few miles!

I have now put this wheelset on my Bob Jackson with Michelin Axials - with the neat red stripe to match the details on the frame - 700 X 23 pumped to only 90PSI. Unfortunately, the Michelins haven't had enough mileage to determine the tire/rim fit.



Paul Williams,
Ottawa, ON, Canada.

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Subject: [CR]Tire recommendations for 700c weinmann concaver rims

> I'm using a wheelset with these rims on my 1969
> raleigh pro. I know these aren't hook beaded but I
> used some kevlar beaded verdenstein tires with them,
> actually those were the only ones I could get on the
> rims. I took it for a test ride and right after I made
> the first turn the rear tube blew out leaving part of
> the beading off of the rim. When I looked at the tube
> I thought it was just a pinch flat but now I'm
> thinking it was a poor rim/tire combination. the tires
> were inflated to just under 100 psi. Would a wire bead
> make more sense? any specific tire recommendations?


> thanks

> marc garcia

> chicago IL