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Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 10:19:48 -0400
From: "Phil Sieg" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]eBay Marinoni question
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Nothing specific to the Marinoni, but please be wary of "The Sultan". I'll relate a recent experience and you can decide for yourself. He had on auction a set of 3ttt SL bars and a somewhat newer 3ttt stem. I wanted the bars for a project and figured I could find a use for the stem later or stick it back on eBay.

They were advertised as "near perfect" condition. I should have been wary since all the photos were cropped to show only the center section of the bars, which did appear (and was) unblemished. When the bars arrived, there were several layers of tape/glue residue. Now it's not that big a deal - some lacquer thinner and elbow grease - but I don't think they should have been described as in near perfect condition. That implies to me that I can unbox them and put them directly on the bike (unless I'm really picky).

But that was minor. The bars and stem arrived in a pair or USPS Priority boxes taped together to make one with absolutely no packing material to protect them - no bubble wrap, no styro, not even any old newspaper. Fortunately they weren't damaged.

Just my experience, but I would ask the Sultan a lot of questions before buying again. And I don't think I would ever buy a frame from him.

-- Phil Sieg Knoxville, Tennessee

David Bilenkey wrote:
>I have a good number of Marinonis and I'm pretty sure on the history,
>Marinoni started in '75 IIRC, and the Campagnolo 2 hole Porta Catena came
>about between '76 and '77 right? So this auction:
>Has got to be for a frame from somewhere about 1978 or so, no way it's a
>'73. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? A good deal at the present
>price if it fits you.
>David "Marinonis are Us" Bilenkey
>Ottawa, Ontario, Canada