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Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:00:12 -0400
From: "Phil Sieg" <>
To: devon warner <>
Subject: Re: [CR]intro
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As a former lurker and somewhat newcomer, welcome to Devon and Erik.

-- Phil Sieg Knoxville, Tennessee

devon warner wrote:
>Hello, I have been lurking on the list for some months
>I have been a bike affectionado for 25+ years and am
>still riding daily.
>My first cool bike was a Peugot, PY-10, white with
>painted lugs, which died in a tragic broadside in
>1980. It had those beautiful plastic brake levers,
>which I wish I had never gotten rid of, and thanks to
>you guys, I can now ID the model. I knew it wasn't a
>PX-10, but couldn't remember which... at any rate, it
>was super cool.
>Now I have a beater, a Gitanne TDF, metalic yellow,
>built up with mostly more modern parts, Phill hubs,
>Omega 19 rims, Brooks saddle, good Campy brakes and
>only a rear derailer, the last Shimano that wasn't
>Also ride a Bianchi Campione Del Mondo, don't know the
>year, but mostly built with early to mid-80s Campy
>stuff, a real joy to ride on our San Francisco hills!
>And have a modified X0-1, upright bars B-67 saddle,
>Sachs 7 speed rear hub, french fenders.
>(And my child has a Shwinn Pixie in good original
>condition, but with pneumatic tires. I have made sure
>the husband has a decent Bianchi, too, I think it's
>about 15 years old, in great shape, he rides it daily,
>as he should.)
>Like many of you, I am a little obsessed with coming
>upon that correct sized (for me, 54 cm) California
>Masi at the right price and time, or a Merckx with the
>little portrait of The Canibal on it, orange would be
>sweet. And I dream of a Singer with all the racks,
>fenders, and lights. Maybe 15 years old is a good age
>for that one. And I hope to get some kind of new
>Rivendell in the next year. Probably a tour-y one.
>I am really enjoying the list, love the great pix of
>restored, original vintage, and hand made bikes. I
>wish I could say I went on a lot of rides these days,
>but do most of my riding in commute, the rest of my
>time is in working and taking care of my family, the
>life of a working mom. I do spend a fair amount of
>time pulling my little one in a trailer all over town,
>usually with a lot of groceries in the back, and I do
>it joyfully.
>Devon Warner
>San Francisco
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