Re: [CR]Old style Pegoretti at "Eurobike" trade fair

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Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:09:27 -0400
From: "Phil Sieg" <>
To: Martin Appel <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Old style Pegoretti at "Eurobike" trade fair
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Brooks is releasing leather handlebar wrap this fall in honey and black. Bill at has some pix he put up before Katrina hit.

They are also doing a leather mudflap, all with the Brooks logo. And you know what that means. :-)

-- Phil Sieg Knoxville, Tennessee

Martin Appel wrote:
>Has this been displayed here before?
>Pegoretti showed a nice old style built lugged steel piece with wooden
>rims and fenders, Weinmann brakes, and some nuovo record bits.
>Pictures (not mine) at
>and following. I have to admit i kinda like it :)
>I hear it has ben made for the "Selle Royal" company.
>The handlebar tape is supposed to ba a Brooks, made from leather.
>Anybody knows where to obtain one of those? Exactly what i need to
>accompany the Brooks new swallow on my KOF Mike Appel...
>Martin Appel,
>Munich, Germany