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Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 03:03:36 EDT
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Great story Kendra. I was driving a truck in the wheat harvest in Walla Walla in the summer of 1973 when I woke up sick one day. I knew they really needed me so at lunch time I felt better and figured I was not going to die (the year before I felt bad and went to work anyway and had a ruptured appendix and nearly died) so went out there only to find a new guy eating my lunch. So there I was in the middle of August with no job and no money and it was really nice weather and I was bummed. So I sold my old Hodaka Ace-100 motorcycle that didn't need a key or a battery to run, for $175, and went shopping for a 10-speed. Wound up with a Peugeot PA-10, the poor man's PX-10. It had alloy sewup wheels but steel cottered cranks on their heaviest frame. Sort of a racing UO8. Rode that for a year, even raced it a few times, before graduating to a shiny new 1974 copper and chrome Raleigh International, my first Campy-equipped bike. I've never looked back.

Dr. Bob Freeman "the hospital" Seattle
> My incentive for riding was avoiding police and being "safe" getting
> home drunk. I got the riding bug from one of my very best friends
> (Starla) who was a bike messenger. She encouraged me and me being a
> massage therapist, offered massage in exchange for bike parts. Within
> two weeks I was rolling on a piece of crap aluminum Diamond Back road
> bike that didn't really fit me. I rode that bike the last four plus
> years until my Masi (that I bought from Starla who opted for her
> Davidson instead) magically came together a couple months ago.
> That old Diamond Back came in very handy when I got into trouble with
> the law in February 2004 and I lost my license for a bit. I am young
> (26) and still learning my lessons. I have been better the last 16
> months though (clean and sober now) and stopped cussing out cops (I
> was an honery drunk).
> Now my Masi is at Elliott Bay Bicycles ("the Hospital") needing some
> MAJOR work after being hit by a van last week.
> I am now bikeless and depressed. I sold my project Peugeot so I could
> buy dog food and am now looking for something cheap to get me through
> until the insurance battle is over.
> I digress...sorry for the bit of venting. Just bored here hoping to
> not get fat from inactivity.
> I look forward to other's stories of how they got into biking!
> Kendra "Bikeless In Seattle" Coatney
> Washington State