[CR]FS: Geminiani Track Frameset and parts. Hyper-Funk

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Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 10:43:55 -0400
From: "Harvey M Sachs" <sachshm@cox.net>
To: Classic Rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]FS: Geminiani Track Frameset and parts. Hyper-Funk

For sale: 1960s (?) Raphael Geminiani track frameset, straight and true. 58x58 ctc. White paint fair. Bocama lugs, seamless tubing, French threaded bottom bracket and head set. 99 cm wheelbase, 41 \u2013 42 cm chainstays. Some toe interference with big shoes. 28 cm (11\u201d) ground to bb center w. pretty large 700c wheels mounted. Drilled for front brake, and extra plate welded in for rear brake at some time in past. Includes oval logo Cinelli 9 cm stem, dia. reduced to 22 mm; scratched Cinelli wings-logo bars, Motobecane-labeled Weinmann front brake and Weinmann or Mafac or whatever lever, seat post, good French-thread bb cups and lockring. $125 plus shipping, with all the above. No charge for packing much better than it deserves. US only, please, just because it ain't worth air freighting to the civilized world.

Options, at modest extra cost: Phil French bb cups, early (bad design) Phil "notched" track bb. Or later Phil road bb you can swap left-for-right to use with single front cog. Front wheel of appropriate or better quality. Choice of a pair of track hubs I recently traded for, but you probably don't want: 40 hole track-track HF Airlite flip-flop (with one or two lock rings), if I can find good cones for it; or 32 hole Campy HF with bent flange and no (Italian) lock ring. Or whole commuter-quality fixed gear rear wheel with non-descript hub and rather wide fairly recent 700c rim.

This bike just radiates funk, between the auxiliary brake plate and the beat-up foil "decals." I bought it to use for commuting (in traffic), and it just doesn't suit the application: I don't like having toe clip interference when my track-stand is not solid yet, the high BB means I have to get off the saddle when I need to stop, and the stays are too short to allow a pannier carrier and pannier. So, I'm disappointed that this old thoroughbred race horse can't be made into a pack-hauling trail nag. Which, of course, is my fault. Oh, I don't think conventional fenders will work with big foul-weather tires. Whaddya want, this is a real French track bike, not a path racer.

Harvey "funkmeister" Sachs
mcLean va