RE: [CR]e-bay marinoni, the sultan, and a seller beware

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Subject: RE: [CR]e-bay marinoni, the sultan, and a seller beware
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 12:36:27 -0400
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Same here. I asked twice about the Marinoni currently up and heard nothing. <shrug> To me that's just poor business.

David -- David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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> I have thrice e-mailed questions to The Sultan early
> on during ebay auctions. In no case did he respond. He
> has neat stuff, good photos and descriptions, but I
> make it a practice of not buying from folk who do not
> respond to simple inquiries. I would say he lost at
> least a dozen sales from me for stems, wheelsets,
> framesets, etc., because after three strikes I gave
> up. I would like to buy from him, but I'm not sure he
> understands who his best customers are or might possibly be.
> Peter Jourdain
> Whitewater, Wisconsin