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Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 11:28:14 -0700
From: "Jay Sexton" <jvs@sonic.net>
To: Phil Sieg <triodelover@comcast.net>, classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
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Subject: [CR]the sultan---followup

I'm reluctant to get caught up in the middle of this, and I think this is pushing the limits of what the list will allow, but since the sultan is a friend, I am compelled to comment. I just got off the phone with the sultan, and during our conversation passed on the e-mail and packaging comments from the list.

He assured me that he daily answers his e-mails, at times up to 70 a day, about his auctions. He suspects that his spam filter is re-directing some e-mails to another "bulk" folder which he never opens, thus not receiving some e-mail. He also wonders if his sent e-mails, or replies, are getting filtered out by the recipients e-mails.

Regarding the Geoffrey Arnold frame, he bought the frame from the original woman owner, who had the frame repainted.

Peter, I think you ARE being harsh and nit picky. Lighten up. The Sultan rarely toots his own horn, but he told me he has sent handlebars all over the world, and no one has complained about the packing method, nor has any handlebar been damaged in transit. By your own admission, the areas that mattered, the exposed section of bars and stem, were undamaged. And I'll bet the rest of the bars were undamaged as well. So what there was some glue on the bars? sheesh. I have seen his packing method, and the bars are held very securely in the boxes, allowing no movement. Personally, I wrap a little bit of something around handlebars when I ship them, but I tend towards overkill when it comes to packing. Please respond to me off list if you need to continue this.

Jay (donning flame retardent suit) Sexton Sebastopol, CA

Phil Sieg wrote:
> Peter,
> I e-mailed my concerns about his packaging and product description and
> he didn't respond to that either. If anyone thinks I'm being harsh,
> see the feedback for "old, gray and definitely in the way". As
> several list members can attest, I pay promptly at auction's end. No
> one has ever had to chase me down for payment.
> Phil Sieg
> Knoxville, Tennessee
> Peter Jourdain wrote:
>>I have thrice e-mailed questions to The Sultan early
>>on during ebay auctions. In no case did he respond. He
>>has neat stuff, good photos and descriptions, but I
>>make it a practice of not buying from folk who do not
>>respond to simple inquiries. I would say he lost at
>>least a dozen sales from me for stems, wheelsets,
>>framesets, etc., because after three strikes I gave
>>up. I would like to buy from him, but I'm not sure he
>>understands who his best customers are or might
>>possibly be.
>>Peter Jourdain
>>Whitewater, Wisconsin
>>--- Jay Sexton <jvs@sonic.net> wrote:
>>>The Sultan is a friend of mine and has not yet
>>>joined the list, depite
>>>my urgings. However, I can vouch for him. I will
>>>pass on the concerns
>>>expressed here and I am sure he will consider them.
>>>He's an okay guy.
>>>He offered the Marinoni to me and I would have
>>>bought it if it was my
>>>size. It has been used. Not maintained the best
>>>during it's life, but
>>>not crashed either.
>>>I cannot recommend doing business with e-bay seller
>>>wwcyclery/profitcycling. When I sent a question
>>>about an item for sale,
>>>he was condescending towards me in reply. I
>>>responded in as objective
>>>a manner as I could, and he then petulantly blocked
>>>me from further
>>>bidding on his items.
>>>And a reminder.....next Saturday, the 17th is the
>>>Sonoma County Vintage
>>>ride. Be there or be square! E-mail me for
>>>details if interested.
>>>Jay Sexton
>>>Sebastopol, CA