Re: [CR]e-bay marinoni, the sultan, and a seller beware

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Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 20:26:42 -0400
From: "Phil Sieg" <>
To: L T <>
Subject: Re: [CR]e-bay marinoni, the sultan, and a seller beware
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Thank you. I was beginning to think I was crazy...or worse.

For Galen, Lou and everyone else who seems fixated on the tape residue. THAT"S NOT THE ISSUE. I know I can take a little solvent and elbow grease and remove it. The issues are:

1. why not show the entire bars in one photo and describe appropriately, e.g. "pristine center section that clearly shows the engraving but the rest need some TLC"? 2. the packing, the packing, the packing. 3. the form e-mail response 10 days later that dodges responsibility. 4. the failure 15 days on to provide me with positive feedback - the currency of eBay - even though I gave same to him. 5. but most of all, the scurrilous e-mails I'm getting impugning my integrity simply because I raised a concern.

Hey, I'm jest a good ol' boy here in the hills of East Tennessee and prolly don't understand all the high falutin' ways of high finance in all those capitals of culture like Cal-i-forn-ee-ay. Shoot, I can't even figure out how may cogs I've got on my rear wheel without takin' off my shoes and socks (when I wear any, that is) to help me count to ten. I'm shore lucky to have y'all to set me straight.

Phil "wish I could be so-fist-ti-cated too" Sieg Knoxville, Tennessee

L T wrote:
>Galen wrote....
>Phil & all,
>>I have purchased several items from The Sultan
>and he has always been fairly
>quick to answer questions and very honest in his
>descriptions. Sometimes too
>honest, and some good items go for low bids. I
>once purchased a derailleur
>from him that had a barely perceptible crack. Not
>really noticeable, but
>enough to discourage me from using it for
>anything except display. He fully
>refunded my money, including the shipping fee,
>and never asked for
>"confirmation." Brooks is an honest guy, and your
>experience seems a little
>out of the norm for him.
>I was going to chime in on this earlier, but
>decided against it. But reading the above made
>me change my mind. I purchased some SR cranks
>which were represented as immaculate and ones he
>(the sultan) would be proud to put his own bike.
>The pics (no backshots) showed cranks that
>appeared to be just that. So I bought them. Got
>them, glanced at them and promptly gave him good
>I took them out later and turned them over.
>Major deep scratch on one spider on the back.
>Lots of dings and nicks on the spider. Lots of
>toe strap wear. I can live with toe strap
> is to be expected for used cranks. But
>immaculate cranks do not have the kind of
>scratches and dings that this one had.
>So I wrote him, asking that he take them back. I
>was summarily rejected. He asked why I gave him
>good feedback if they were screwed up. And I
>told him, I do not use feedback as a weapon. In
>another note, I included pics of the problem
>areas and a dictionary definition of immaculate.
>He told me I was being too picky.
>As it was clear get to me I would not get
>satisfaction, I gave up, telling him that while
>he may think he won, he had lost. And in my
>mind, he has...I will not trade with him. I doubt
>he misses my business, but it is a matter of
>principle for me.
>Maybe I hit him on a bad day. Maybe it is out of
>the norm for him. I was polite and handled myself
>in a professional manner. Why he would guarantee
>satisfaction on every other auction (it is
>usually in his description) and not this one is
>beyond me. I even asked him that. Considering how
>I was dealt with, I do not think I would have had
>any different results had I examined the cranks
>thoroughly and contacted him before leaving
>I did resell them and provided clear pics and a
>precise description.
>There is no need to relay this to Brooks. It is
>over and done and provided only as a
>Lynn Travers
>Hazelwood, MO...Kings Bay, GA for now