Re: [CR] anyone heard of Roth bikes?

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Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 22:24:12 -0500
From: "Mark Stonich" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] anyone heard of Roth bikes?
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Not to be a wet blanket, but isn't there a good chance that this bike had been stolen somewhere along the line? It seems likely that any legitimate owner, even 3rd or 4th hand, would know the value of such an item and wouldn't send it to the dump. I'd ask on the framebuilders list if anyone knows who "Roth" is/was and if so, contact him.

I once came across an older gent riding an Osell I knew to be stolen. The fellow had flipped the bars upside down so he wouldn't have to bend over so far. He said his son had bought it for $125 "From some guy he met in a bar." He wanted nothing to do with a stolen bike, (or at least one that could be recognized as such) and rode with me to Osell's. Turns out there was a $150 reward so he came out ahead $25.

OTOH sometimes too good to be true really is. Someone once tried to sell me another Osell for $250. I traced it's history, and it turned out to be legit. Sort of. The original owner was quite wealthy and had given it to an employee who had lost his driver's licence. He was thoroughly PO'd to hear the guy was selling it, but said it was OK to buy it.

At 9/11/2005 12:40 PM -0700, EA wrote:
>Thanks for some of the info, or at least validation that this was a
>pretty good find. i wouldn't be surprised if this was from a very
>small production. unfortunately for me this frame is too big. but i
>couldn't pass it up, considering the price. i have a cousin, who's a
>bit taller, that wants to get into road riding, so if it fits him...
>if not, then i'll probably e-bay it.
>and yes, Greg, i did find this at the dump. well, actually at a
>recycling center at the dump. i've had i guess pretty good success
>there, though most is what you'ld expect. in my photo album, i also
>found the motobecane and the ruegger at the same place.
>as for the DA crank, it's a circle with a 6 or 9. which would mean
>86 or 89. i didn't think they were still making those that late but
>that is what's on each crank arm.
>Eric Acuna
>Santa Rosa, CA

Mark Stonich;
Minneapolis Minnesota