Re: [CR]Antique French Bicycle??? No Way 1856

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Subject: Re: [CR]Antique French Bicycle??? No Way 1856
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 14:03:03 +0000

What little I know of antique bicycles (aquired by osmosis from hanging out a bit with David Herlihy over the years) is that if this bike was an 1856, all the bike history texts would have to get re-written. Beyond that, I'm lost.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO
> Check out this posting! I don't believe chain drive, equal sized wheel bicycles
> were even 'invented' in the time frame noted (1860s). Comments?
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> Also, I recently picked up at auction a Campion del Mondo Bianchi, circa late
> 70s-early 80s, nice Campag equipment with Nisi tubular rims, Modolo brakes.
> Here's the oddity: the frame is Red. Never saw one that vintage not Celeste.
> Comments on that, please?
> Ron Gurth
> Carmel, IN
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