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Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 11:56:49 EDT
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Subject: [CR]Re: The Invisible Scot. Beware of this guy!

I was the one that made the $10 bid on the "Flying Scot" the other day. The

frame actually did exist and may well be a prewar Scot, if not a prewar something at least, with a headclip headset and some other nice parts. He h ad sent pics to another fellow who sent them to me. So I wrote to the guy and asked

if I could have my contact over there go fetch it for me (Bob Reid of the Flying Scot website). You may be entertained by the reply. The first one i s in the middle, my reply below, and the last at the top. Guess this guy's ebay days are over! The guy's name is Martin Harvey by the way and his ebay handle is

martinh1654. Steer clear should he ever put something up again!

cheers Bob Freeman Seattle

"Ok, i'll be less polite this time around!  Fuck off you spoilt brat, irrespective of whether you won the auction or not, there is no way i'm having someone pick it up on behalf of some guy in the states, a little too informal for my iliking.  As regards your contact, he can fuck off too.

Furthermore, do you seriously think that i am going to entetain any of this for a mere $10!  If so, then i reccomend that you stay off the crack my go od man.  And as for requesting more pics, you even reply to this, let alone make a request, then the only pics you will recieve are those of a frame which i have personally gave a good thwacking with a 9 iron.  I bid you a good life and hope that you now appreciate the sentiment of my original " email.


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>Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 05:34:30 EDT
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>mattisitscot@hotmail.com writes:
> > Unfortunately Bob, i have been made aware that the frame is not the
> > deal', so to speak.  This was brought to my attention by a bicycle
> > enthusiast who, after inspecting the badge, informed me of the fact that
> > 'Glasgow CA' isn't inscribed and as a consequence the frame is in actual
> > fact a replica.  I sincerely apologise for this and appreciate all
> > shown.  I stumbled upon the frame itself in a disused garden shed and,
> > being astute enough to realise the significance of the 'Glasgow CA',
> >
> > that it held some value.  Again, i apologise for any false hope i may
> > given to all who have shown interest.
> >
>Regardless, I have won the auction and would like to have my contact there
>take a look at it and tell me what he thinks.  Will let you know as soon as
>hear from him.  Peter Brown has sent me the pictures of it that you sent
>him and
>while I agree it may not be a Scot, it is definitely pre-1950.
>Alternatively, would you be willing to drop it off at a cycle shop for
>packing and
>shipping?  I would also appreciate if you could send me some close-up pic s,
>particularly of the front, like I have shown in the attached pic, and of
>the rear
>dropouts, and perhaps the bottom bracket area.