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Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 09:06:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Peter Naiman" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]To part out or not--special case
To: Thomas Adams <>, Brook Watts <>,
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Tom and Brook; What I usually use is this as my rules to part or not.

If the bike is recieved in original or even re-enamaled, but has most or what seems to be the original group to the bike, I will not part it out. Example: My 1938 Anglo Continental Special. A one owner bike purchased from the UK several years ago which sat in cold storage for close to fourty years, but with early 50s componants. The owner had replaced the original group, but even though the group is not original it's close enough as the parts still were on the Anglo for many years, and mounted by the "original owner".

If I recieve a Vintage cycle which I know was built up by someone else in a restoration project with parts not original to the frame, the bike is fair game to part out.

Of course it's not quite that black and white for me, but I try my best to stay close to these guidelines.

Peter Naiman
Glendale, WI

--- Thomas Adams wrote:

> If your buddy wants the most money, then I'd say the
> moral thing to do is part out. It's his bike, and
> he's entitled to say what becomes of it.
> To further the discussion though, I would say that
> an 80's Paramount is common enough that no ethical
> considerations against parting it out apply.
> Especially if the frame is a mixed group, presumably
> done by the owner and /or shop who built it up. It
> isn't "factory spec original", so part away.
> The only thing that would restrain me would be if
> this exact bike was used as is to win an important
> race or has some other historical significance (rode
> by a famous person, etc etc). If not, fair game.
> BTW, how big is the dent? If it's pencil eraser
> sized, I'd say it's only a $100 deduction on what
> will be a user frame anyway. There's not a
> substantial collector premium (ala Herse, Masi,
> Hetchins, etc) for Paramounts. I'm assuming the
> dent didn't fold the tube, or knock the frame out of
> alignment.
> Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ
> Brook Watts <> wrote:
> Some of you may have noticed some of my sales
> recently to shed some
> equipment owned by a recently retired buddy who
> hasn't ridden for a
> decade or more. He was a bit of a hoarder and kept
> lots of spares
> around. I have more to sell as time permits photo
> taking and
> listing. And all of it goes directly to a guy's
> retirement savings.
> One of the items he entrusted me to sell requires a
> hard decision for
> a special reason. It's a mid-80's Paramount with a
> mix of SR and OT
> Campy. All of the components are pristine as is the
> frame except for
> 1 fault: a top tube ding that occurred when he
> pulled it out of the
> basement. So now I've got what would be a great
> trophy that has a
> blaring defect. Less visible because of the black
> finish but dented
> none the less.
> I could part out the bike to get the most for his
> bank account but
> then I'd have a damaged frame that would be
> virtually worthless.
> Then again, who wants to buy a complete bike with a
> dinged tt. I
> need some fresh ides about what my next move should
> be.
> Thanks
> Brook Watts
> Longmont Colo USA
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