Re: [CR]Ernie Clements Falcon Special (and San Remo too)

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From: <>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 21:01:55 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Ernie Clements Falcon Special (and San Remo too)

I'm jumping in on this thread, because I too have a (still dirty) old beast, of similar description but likely a lower model. Mine is a SAN REMO model, with Campagnolo VELOX components. Just like Bill, I'm interested to know the year of offer, if possible. Does have a 531 decal. I took some quick PICs of it so that the basics can be seen. Light was waning, but I think the idea gets across:

Remember to click on a thumb, then click on the pic it reveals, in order to see the larger and much clearer versions. (Do I need to keep adding this, each time I supply a link to the Wool Jersey Gallery?)

Nigel? ... anybody? ... know the date?

Thanks so much!

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI US ~ ~ ~

Bill Roberts wrote:

I'll have to forward some further info and links to pics later (good digicam is down for a week or so, will do some basic photos with the vid cam). Wondering if anyone knows anything about this particular model. Falcon 'Special'. Has a painted head badge 'designed by Ernie Clements'. Nice lugs, Simplex components, and 27" wheels w/high pressure tires. Classic light blue. Perhaps late 60's. Standard Falcon script decals. Cotter crank. GB alloy bar/stem, Condor seat. Probably not 531 or the like, but not gaspipe either. Looks like a mid-line city/touring bike. Good shape throughout, all original. Thanks in advance.

Bill Roberts Jacksonville, OR

Nigel Land replied:

Bill, I may have a fix on your Falcon as it sounds like it could be an early one made in Smethwick, Birmingham. Please check the headbadge for an address and let me know what lugs it has - should be Nervex. If you contact me off list I should be able to furnish an original spec, once we have fixed the date of manufacture.
Nigel Land
North Lincs