[CR]FS: Restored 1983 Italian Masi 3V

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From: <RDF1249@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 00:11:09 EDT
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Subject: [CR]FS: Restored 1983 Italian Masi 3V

Hello all - We've just restored a lovely Italian Masi 3V. I should keep it myself, it is so nice, and just my size, but I feel the need to generate a little cash for the business once in a while. And besides, I am getting ready to restore a Prestige too that is also my size so may keep that instead. Anyway, this one is a 55 cm (to the top, as Masi always measured them). The pics show it in its original state, and restored. We chose the nice powder blue pearl instead of the original red-orange. Hope no one is offended by that choice. Also, you may notice that the right chain stay is no longer chromed. Well, it is, under that paint. We had the bike re-chromed but the chain stay had enough marks in it that it would not have looked good in chrome, so we painted it and filled in all the imperfections. Asking $1200 for it before throwing it to the ebay wolves. For list members I will put the original SR headset back in if you want, and a new set of dropout screws. Here are the pics: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/rdf1249/album?.dir=8ce1 Get yourself a piece of Italian Masi history!


Bob Freeman