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According to Karl... <snip> Furthering the ambiguity of Falcon models is that there were many different San Remos. Several months back someone had an early 70's Falcon catalogue on ebay and he included pictures of every page. I think there were at le ast three San Remos with names like Model 81 and Model 85. I couldn't tel l if the frames were the same but they did come with different equipment mi xes.

Michael Kahrl Columbus, Ohio

There appear to be different models of San Remo's, which would certainly explain a lot. I too, thought the San Remo was the top-line model.

Hopefully Hillary can shed some light on this (waiting for her reply to my e-mail this morning). I also found a phone number for Ernie Clements' shop, so I may give him a call and see if he can shed any light.

We are puzzling over whether we are off on the years, or there are different models, or both. The bikes Marc and I have both seem to have different 'lesser' dropouts. They seem to be similar to Hillary's Molteni Merckx, which may have been Falcon made.

Time will tell.

Thanks to all, and keep the info coming.

Bill Roberts, Jacksonville, OR

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I am getting confused here... I thought Falcon's best model in the 1 960s was indeed the San Remo; was it not the team bike, the one used by Albert Hitchen and John Perks on all those cool London-Holyhead races.. 240 m iles in a single day! These had full chromed rear triangle, forks and all the top end Campy bits, Weinmann brakes and rims etc. The photos posted show

Falcons that don't look like this... are they indeed "Specials" rath er than "San Remos"??

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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