Re: [CR] 1961 Schwinn Paramount restoration help. Colors & decals

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Subject: Re: [CR] 1961 Schwinn Paramount restoration help. Colors & decals
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 03:35:11 +0000

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 18:44:09 -0400 From: Sheldon Brown <> To: jimmy katynski <>, Subject: Re: [CR]1961 Schwinn Paramount restoration help. Colors & decals

Jimmy Katynski wrote:
>I have a 1961 Schwinn Paramount deluxe(W/chrome) and
>want to know where i could find out what the original
>color choices of said bike were and a set of
>replacement decals? The bike was repainted in the 70's
>with the team paint job/decals that were offered to
>riders/clubs for there bikes. The bike is going to get
>a repaint back to original as soon as i find some
>proper decals etc. If anybody has some pics of an
>original paramount that would be awesome.

And Sheldon responded:

I too own a 1961 Paramount, and I believe the paint and decals are original (though not in great shape.)

I haven't gotten around to putting up a Web section about this bike 'cause it's still a bit of a work-in-progress. However, in response to your message I've uploaded some not-very-good photos:

Note, don't let the equipment fool you, this is actually a road Paramount, but I've converted it to fixed gear (I saved all the original parts though...)

It's off topic, but while I have the floor, I'll mention that you can hear the talk I gave to a bunch of recumbenters at:

Sheldon "26/8" Brown Newtonville, Massachusetts Sheldon/all: Was 1961 the first year of those down-tube decals for the Paramount? My '73s had those.... I now have what I think is a '60, (serial number C66), and it has "Schwinn Paramount" in thick cursive gold script with a red outline, on the top of the down-tube, lengthwise (reads from the non-drive side). It's a dark blue bike, with double box lining, no chrome, cottered Stronglight cranks (i.e. a base model). BTW, if anyone might have a 175 mm 1960ish Campagnolo Record crank or even just arms, I'd love to upgrade it, as that was an option in 1960. (My Stronglight chainrings were damaged in shipment by poor packing on the part of the eBay seller, and I can't get the 52 to work properly, so I haven't finished the bike so far...). Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan (where I scored five goals in a 12-8 indoor soccer game this evening - oh yeah...).