[CR]FS: Brake parts for sale - Weinmann and other

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From: "RB" <2wheelseal@earthlink.net>
To: "CR" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 21:01:18 -0700
Subject: [CR]FS: Brake parts for sale - Weinmann and other

Clearing out my vintage brake parts. Prices plus shipping. Only actual shipping charged (cheap). Your choice of carrier, well packed, and I do ship worldwide.

Cro-mo rear brake bridge frame tube, drilled & mitered, ready to braze on $10 Shimano Tourney center pull brakes f/r w/xlnt original pads, nut on, complete straddle cables no cable hangers VGC $20 Raliegh 30's (40's?) front brake caliper & lever chrome steel sidepull w/decent pads complete GC $15 Weinmann 610 Vainquer center pull brake f/r nut on w/new pads complete w/straddle cables no hangers $15 Weinmann schwinn Approved 750 Vainquer 999 center pull long reach nut on front caliper complete w/pads straddle cable no hanger VGC $10 Weinmann (copy?) unlabelled 610 999 center pull brake caliper nut on rear or recessed front complete straddle cable no hanger $5 Weinmann schwinn Approved 610 Vainquer 999 center pull nut on caliper front complete straddle cables black pads no hangers VGC $5 Weinmann schwinn Approved 610 Vainquer 999 center pull nut on caliper complete *except bolt* straddle cable no hanger no pads VGC $2 Weinmann rear brake bolt for recessed or flat plate bridge, VGC, w/nuts and adapters $1 Rear brake cable hanger/stop ala Weinmann, U shaped, goes across seat binder chrome NOS w/barrel $5 Same as above, used GC $1 Pair of Weinmann alloy levers w/Safety levers, GC $3 Single Weinmann alloy lever w/safety lever, GC $1 Pair of Yoshikawa 8-D diamond embossed alloy brake levers w/Weinmann (Diacompe) safety levers, GC $5 Assorted barrel adjusters w/adjuster nut & mounting boss-nut-washer NOS and used, chrome and alum several $1 ea Weinmann aluminum brake cable nipples, large dia. one's for the levers - several - .50 ea. 1" threaded headset washers with 'tang' NOS 1 chrome, 1 gold $1 ea

Bill Roberts
Jacksonvill, OR 97502