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I tend to agree - if you're going to clean and detail the bike, at least set it up sort of right.

However, it probably has to do with being busy (this seller in particular sells a LOT of stuff on e-bay), the time required to draft, post, and take pictures for ebay ads, and then the steep fees, and the likelihood of a snipe bid for the lowest possible price. Why do even more work? The seller, and any potential buyers, will know the bike is cool - the buyer can adjust the seat, etc, and definitely will go through the bike and dial it for their taste anyway.

My .02

Bill Roberts Jacksonville, OR

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An observation and a question: I have always wondered why ebay sellers do not take the thirty seconds necessary to remove dust/adjust seats or bars so the bikes like better? I do not intend to pick on this seller as theyre a good seller and respected in the cycling community...but come on guys, the seat on this cool Legano track bike looks like it is a prop for an Evel Knievel jump....30 seconds to move the saddle back on the rails and level it...please<blah> 51301QQcategoryZ98084QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

or item # 7183151301

Skip "Kneivel" Sinatra

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