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Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 13:47:21 -0400
From: "Norm and Val Lafleur" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]ebay presentation.......and another Legnano question
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I think that cleaning up the bike is nice but I would always redo any bike that I bought so it's not a significant issue. What I appreciate more is good picture quality. In this case I went looking for the model logo and found the picture unreadable. What model is this? I've been looking for first hand info on Legnano track bike model names because I have one that was restored some years ago and I would like to verify the accuracy of the markings. Mine is an older model with the metal head badge and a simpler rear brake bridge, undrilled. The seat lug is the same.

Does anyone know what model names Legnano used for their track bikes?

Norm Lafleur
Ashfield, Ma.

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> An observation and a question: I have always wondered why ebay sellers do
> not take the thirty seconds necessary to remove dust/adjust seats or bars
> so the bikes like better? I do not intend to pick on this seller as
> theyre a good seller and respected in the cycling community...but come on
> guys, the seat on this cool Legano track bike looks like it is a prop for
> an Evel Knievel jump....30 seconds to move the saddle back on the rails
> and level it...please
> or item # 7183151301
> Skip "Kneivel" Sinatra
> Frog Level VA