RE: [CR] FS: Vintage Stella Spokes for Restorations

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Subject: RE: [CR] FS: Vintage Stella Spokes for Restorations
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 23:32:30 +0000

Hi CR folks,

For the all out Italian bike restoration...

I'm doing some organizing, sorting, and discovering in my piles of stuff. I found some 295mm 15/16 gauge double butted Stella Spokes that are quite gorgeous. They have nipples with them too. They came out of boxes labled Crominox. I think they are chrome plated stainless, but I'm not sure. They do look mighty nice!

295 is OK for lg fl tubular 36 3x, although the drive side will be long. You can trim them before use, but I think that most folks get away with them as they are. For a 6sp, though, you should trim the 18 drive rear. Vintage spokes are not as robust as modern spokes, but for the occasional user that doesn't get huge miles they are often fine. If its your daily go-fast-race bike, then use modern spokes.

The price is $44 for 80 with nipples. Shipping is an additional $5.50. If you want more than one set of 80, shipping will be $5.50 total and I'll cover any excess.

At this time, I have have located enough for about 3 or 4 sets of 80. Please email if interested.


Mike Kone in Boulder CO