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Subject: Re: [CR]1961 Schwinn Paramount restoration help. Colors & decals
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According to Waterford web site info beginning at:, the antique decal set was used from 1938 to 1958. The downtube was in a uniform antique font. Then Schwinn changed to what Waterford calls the "Disneyland" decal set with the olympic ring seat tube panel; the down tube had two different fonts for the words "Schwinn" (modern font) and "Paramount" (sort of antique font); this set was used from 1958 to 1963.
>From 1963 to 1972 Schwinn used the decal set that included the olympic ring seat tube panel; the down tube font was uniform and modern; from 1972 to 1975, the seat tube deleted the olympic rings, but the down tube decals remained the same. If you use the above link and then click on "Antique," "Disneyland," and "Vintage," you will see pictures of all the decal sets in question.

Pete Rutledge
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> In a dialogue begun by Jimmy Katynski (but snipped), Sheldon Brown said:
> I too own a 1961 Paramount, and I believe the paint and decals are
> original (though not in great shape.)
> I haven't gotten around to putting up a Web section about this bike 'cause
> it's still a bit of a work-in-progress. However, in response to your
> message I've uploaded some not-very-good photos:
> <snip>
> At which point Greg Parker asked:
> Sheldon/all:
> Was 1961 the first year of those down-tube decals for the Paramount? My
> '73s had those.... I now have what I think is a '60, (serial number C66),
> and it has "Schwinn Paramount" in thick cursive gold script with a red
> outline, on the top of the down-tube, lengthwise (reads from the non-drive
> side). It's a dark blue bike, with double box lining, no chrome, cottered
> Stronglight cranks (i.e. a base model).
> BTW, if anyone might have a 175 mm 1960ish Campagnolo Record crank or even
> just arms, I'd love to upgrade it, as that was an option in 1960. (My
> Stronglight chainrings were damaged in shipment by poor packing on the
> part of the eBay seller, and I can't get the 52 to work properly, so I
> haven't finished the bike so far...).
> ******************
> I believe that Greg has described the decal set that Waterford put on my
> '38 when they painted it last year, and I believe that Robert Clair has
> the same. It would be interesting if the P'mounts used the same ornament
> from '38 - 60, and you guys have just pegged the transition point. Greg,
> how sure are you that your 1960 has the original paint?
> harvey sachs
> mcLean VA
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