Re: [CR] Rifled, SLX, or helically reinforced steerer tubes

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Subject: Re: [CR] Rifled, SLX, or helically reinforced steerer tubes
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 03:23:41 +0000

Well, my mid-1960s Pogliaghi has a rifled steerer. Rifled steerers are a feature of SL/SP tubing, so whenever SL came to be, rifled steerers were there..... Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan

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I also have a frameset, believed to be 72, that has a steerer with this feature. I am attempting to borrow a fiber optic inspection camera to insert into the main tubes via the vent holes, in order to see if they have the rifling. It was not apparent during a cursory inspection.

I also could not find this topic in the CR archives, although I had heard it had been covered recently. I'm glad I'm not losing my mind (yet).

I would be interested in any other data from the list, even if it's just 'my 19xx yyyy bike has this steerer'. Thanks in advance.

Bill Roberts Jacksonvill, OR

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A QUESTION: The early-mid 1970s frame is made of Columbus SL tubing, but Karen will probably find that the bottom of the steerer tube in her new "Vittoria" is rifled, like SLX.

Here's a pic of the steerer of an 84 SLX tubeset:

We have all heard that this was done long before a complete tubeset was offered ... but when did it first become available? The topic, in fact, was just discussed recently on this list. However, a fairly thorough archives search using different likely pairs of the keywords: rifled, steerer, steer, fluted & SLX, revealed only this of relevance:
>Subject: [CR]Columbus tubes and Cinelli Super Corsa
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>Can anyone tell me exactly when Columbus introduced the helical reinforcing ribs in the steerer tubes of its tube sets? I was surprised to find them in the steerer of my allegedly 1955 Cinelli super Corsa.

1955! Bummer, I took pics of the inside of my 55 Torpado head tube, but I didn't take them of the steerer. I do have two unbuilt framesets here, believed early 70s, with that feature. So, what's the real deal? Anyone know when the rifled, rifling, ribbed, fluted, helical, helically reinforced, reinforcement, reinforcements first began showing up in Columbus fork, forks, steerer, steerers, steer tubes, tube, tubed? Perhaps this will aid in future archive searches :)

Mark Agree
Southfield MI
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