Re: [CR]FS: Sexy Italian framesets - Masi Pista (NOS), Pogliaghi Pista & Early Torpado

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From: "Ben Kamenjas" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]FS: Sexy Italian framesets - Masi Pista (NOS), Pogliaghi Pista & Early Torpado
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 00:08:10 +1000

Hello again,

Re: Torpado - Mark Agree instilled in me a little bit of Velvet Underground spirit and "Im beginning to see the light" ... so, am chewing on microdot's and ...... nah, am keeping the Torpado to make myself one trick city bike. Single shifter, 5 (or 6 ) speeds, fenders and a set of Cinelli upright bars I've been looking for an excuse to put use to. My one wish is for a few ideas for a well functioning derailleur to use and a question on what the curio or braze on is on the inside of the drive side stays and if thats derailleur related ?? ..... see link -

Also, anybody gots a Torpado headbadge for sale?

Re: Pogliaghi pista - many thanks for all those who inquired. The draw from the hat has found a new owner who Ive emailed and will advise the unlucky suitors as soon as I have confirmation from the buyer. Alas, only one bike and so many who wished to enjoy it.

Re: NOS Masi Prestige Pista - still without a home. To sweeten the deal I'll throw in a pair of NOS still in wrapper Nisi 36 hole Pista Special rims (you know, the super light silver shiny one's - see the Nisi CR page or e-me for pics). The frame/fork, nisi rims and ship/pack to your door for $1600usd.

Have fun.


Ben Kamenjas Sydney, Australia

>>>> Hello,
>>>> It seems that eBay is kinda whack lately so I thought to offer them
>>>> straight to the list first. Prices include top class packaging (Im
>>>> the best) & fast shipping (4-10 days, usually 5 or 6) to the US or
>>>> EU. Asia, NZ and of course OZ will be cheaper of course. Paypal
>>>> only in $usd (direct deposit for local to me buyers). Insurance is
>>>> your call and additional.
>>>> so, Im selling ......
>>>> Masi Prestige Pista frame and fork - NOS (never built up). Red.
>>>> 59 c-t seat x 56 c-c top. $1650 usd (pssst ....... in time for
>>>> Velo Retro, Chuck?)
>>>> Pogliaghi Pista frame and fork - repaint & with lotsa miles but a
>>>> very sweet rider. Was originally Eddie Salas' from new and I bought
>>>> it from him. Eddie rode for Australia in the Commonwealth games &
>>>> Olympics, and for the Italian trade team Amore & Vita (sp?). Ding
>>>> it top tube bondo'ed. Rides perfect - no-hands straight. Lloyds
>>>> have the decals in stock if needed for resto. 53 c-t seat and 53
>>>> c-c top. $275 usd .... or "what i paid Eddie" + shipping for
>>>> Aussie listers because of the downunder history. I was gonna offer
>>>> it to Brian Baylis but it seems he has the small pista frame market
>>>> cornered ;)
>>>> Torpado ? - Im guessing mid to late 50's but what do I know.
>>>> Covered in primer or preservation paint. Comes with fork crown race
>>>> and lower head tube cup, and Agrati fixed and adjustable BB cups
>>>> ... all painted ;). Ornate, lotsa Mojo and neat internal cable
>>>> routing for rear gear. Solid - will last another 50 years easy. 55
>>>> c-c seat x 56 c-c top. $275usd
>>>> Anyway, check the pics on the web pages, think about it and if your
>>>> interested (or interesting) lemme know. Oh, this ain't a first in
>>>> best dressed thing (just because) so if there is more than one
>>>> person interested in any of the above i'll pick the winner out of a
>>>> hat ..... in a day or two. I like a quick deal so if you you need
>>>> time ..... maybe next time. If you can't remember who I am or have
>>>> never met, or e-met me, ask around. Due to Oz post size limits I
>>>> cannot combine items for shipping. Check them pics for the scoop.
>>>> Have fun. Discuss, enjoy.
>>>> Ciao,
>>>> Ben Kamenjas
>>>> Sydney, Oztralia
>>>> p.s. sorry for using the word Sexy in title Dale, but considering
>>>> my email address is ... oh well ;)