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Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 08:13:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Fred Rafael Rednor" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]FS - De Rosa frame/fork 52cm 1980 (?)
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     When my wife and I were touring Europe on our tandem in 1983 we did see a few bikes like this; i.e. Italian racing frames with cable stops for bar-end shifters. You could find them in France, Belgium and Holland, in addition to Italy. Of course, the Italian guys _always_ had them geared all wrong because they insisted on going with Campagnolo RDs and Regina freewheels.
     Elsewhere, people seemed to choose moe appropriate gearing. We were on this big group ride in Pisa (sponsored by the Touring Club Italiano) where we even saw a couple set up with mountain bike handlebars and those motorbike brake levers that were popular at the time. Maybe these guys did what we did when we hit the Alps: put ourselves and the bike on the train to get to the other side...
     Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia (USA)

--- "Bingham, Wayne" wrote:

> As the subject line indicates, I am offering for sale a De
> Rosa frame
> and fork. In a moment of weakness, I bought this bike for
> the
> components. I've hesitated a bit on offering this,
> anticipating the
> potential rekindling of the "part it out" debate. It was a
> very nice
> package, and seemingly original, but with three other De
> Rosas in the
> stable just screaming for this group, I gave in to the inner
> demons.
> This frame is interesting in that it appears to have been a
> custom of
> some sort, as it was built specifically for bar-end shifters.
> I've been
> told that this is a fairly common thing in Italy, but no so
> for frames
> destined for the US. I was told that this is a 1980 frame.
> While I
> can't be certain of that, it's features would indicate that
> it is of
> that era, and the components were 81/82 vintage. The frame
> has braze-on
> cable stops on the down tube - rather than shifter bosses, a
> front
> derailleur tab, under-BB cable guides, and single bottle-cage
> mount.
> The frame is black with a yellow head tube and yellow decals.
> The De
> Rosa decals are bordered by some small world-colors bands
> that are not
> common on similar vintage De Rosas. There is no tubing decal
> (and no
> sign that there ever was). The fork is chrome, as is the
> drive-side
> chain stay and top-eyes. Drop outs, also chrome, are stamped
> De Rosa.
> Rear spacing is 126. There appears to be no serial number.
> The frame overall is in very good condition, and has a really
> nice look.
> There are a few scratches that have been touched up (not by
> me), and
> there appears to be some pitting under the touch ups. It all
> seems to
> be surface condition, and the frame integrity looks good.
> Size C-C
> measurements are 52 cm seat tube and 53 cm top tube.
> Pictures can be seen here:
> I am asking $350 shipped within the US, or $325 delivered to
> the T-Town
> swap on 10/1. I will also consider offers after T-Town if
> the frame is
> not sold by then.
> Thanks -
> Wayne Bingham
> Lovettsville VA
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