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Here is someone who said they could get me Ron Cooper transfers for my bike: Nick Tithecott [] 01931 715439 8.30 - 10.30 am (Britian/England time zone I think)

However due to the time zone difference, the long-distance calls to the UK, and my schedule lately, I have not pursued it yet.

I went a different direction, and I am making my own custom waterslide decals. I can make you some too if you run out of options. If you are interested, please contact me off list.

I also have the bluish tinted steel grey color mentioned by other members. However Coopers have been available in a variety of colors. I beleive there was a 'stock' color pallette to choose from, but owners were also able to choose whatever they wanted, due to the custom nature of the bikes. Most of the one's I have seen have been non-metallic colors. Personally however, I think the metallic (metalflake) colors are much nicer, and set off the lug work better.

During my research into my bike, I have collected a large stash of Cooper pictures. I will post some soon in my Wool Jersey folder at: I'll post again once they are up. Meantime, check, as posted earlier by Steven Sheffield (re-linked here for convenience), and search 'Ron Cooper' or 'Cooper' at

Bill Roberts Jacksonville, OR

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My Ron Cooper, 1987 lugged 531C, is a metallic sort of light to medium greyish blue color and I have seen pictures of others the same color. However it is most likely that they were available in any color the buyer desired.

Hugh Thornton Cheshire, England

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Secondly is there a "house" colour for Ron's frames? Anything would be better than the go-faster fluos..but I'd prefer to have something recognisably "Cooper".