apology was[CR]A long reminiscence Re:Paris Sport

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Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 21:26:38 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
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Subject: apology was[CR]A long reminiscence Re:Paris Sport

I must apolize to the entire list as well...for I basically tossed in a dig where I had no right to dig by stating in a roundabout way that he wouldn't be welcome...

any info added to the list is good for the good of the list regardless of who shares...even me...my post shared no value to the list. Sorry to all.

Walter Skrzypek Falls Creek, Pa

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Mike Fabian wrote:

"It would be great if he (Mike Fraysse) would join the list ! He would add a wealth of knowledge of bikes and the bike world to our humble list"

ABSOLUTELY! Although Mike might not have too much tolerance for this non-racer stuff. Would the list meister be willing to make the first move perhaps?

And thanks for the great post. That Ernst guy in SoCal has been glomming up all the good stuff lately!

John T.Pergolizzi
Brooklyn, New York
recovering from the flu! Unbelievable.