RE: [CR]New ie question re avoiding paint/decal damage

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Subject: RE: [CR]New ie question re avoiding paint/decal damage
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 16:13:20 -0400
Thread-Topic: [CR]New ie question re avoiding paint/decal damage
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I've used both the vinyl tape and inner tube approaches, and both work well. Never used the cloth tape method, but I never was a big cloth tape fan, especially once I discovered Benotto tape.

However, I generally now use a new-school solution for an old-school problem. I've installed, oh I don't know, many hundreds maybe, of cycle computers in my many years of working on bikes. They all came with little bags of rubber strips/spacers/bands in all manner of shapes and sizes. Some with lips or edge beads. Some with flared or thicker ends. Being the pack-rat that I am, I started throwing the leftovers in one of the drawers in a parts cabinet. I now use them for just the thing in question, as well as for shims, pads or spacers as needed. Got a whole drawer full. Trim 'em, cut 'em into shapes. Whatever you need.

Sometimes I think I have too many drawers and bins of leftover/donor bits and bobs, but sometimes they really come in handy.


Wayne Bingham
Black Market Bikes
Lovettsville VA