[CR]FS Hetchins Show Bike Frame & Fork

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Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 19:29:15 -0400
From: "Louis Schulman" <louiss@gate.net>
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Subject: [CR]FS Hetchins Show Bike Frame & Fork

I am selling my 86 Hetchins Novus Ductor curly frame and fork. This bike was apparently built by Bob Jackson as a show bike to promote Hetchins in the U.S. Frame Number 86003. Check the archives for an article by Flash that talks about this part of Hetchins history. This frame was used in a Bicycling Magazine road test (I have a poor photocopy which I will include). The Bicycling article claims that while in his late 70's, Jack Denny was still the chief frame builder at Hetchins at this time.

Seat tube: 22 1/4 C-T. Top tube: 22 1/2 C-C. Head angle 72.5. Seat angle 73. Tubing Reynolds 531C. Frame is quite light for a Hetchins.

Bike is metallic dark gray with Black panels and bands, lug-lining, ornate lugs, chromed crown, head lugs, half-chrome forks and stays.

I bought this from the U.S. Distributor in 1987, after he got approval from Alf Hetchins. It was an every day rider until 1992, and has been in storage since.

The bike has some cosmetic issues. Chrome is generally good with minor pitting, but top head lug is peeling (it was like this in 1987).

Paint has areas of rust and peeling, particularly around cable guides, where pump rested, and where front derailleur clamped on. There is one dent in the top tube caused when I rode off the road into a muddy ditch and my knee hit the top tube (yes, I dented the tube with my knee).

Decals are very good.

The frame is clear-coated, but the clear-coat appears slightly foggy or yellowed.

This bike was shown with a Campy Victory group, for whatever reason. The Bicycling article has all the original specs. The frameset was $1095 at retail in 1986.

E-mail any questions and for a full set of pics.

$850 includes shipping in lower 48 only.

Serious inquiries only, please.

Louis Schulman
Tampa, Florida