Re: [CR]Help identify 41T chainring

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Subject: Re: [CR]Help identify 41T chainring
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 18:43:56 -0500


This looks something like the markings that Ofmega put on their chainrings. Many were sold in this country as Avocet, but they were all made by Ofmega (unfortunately there is nothing on Ofmega in the CR site). I have a couple of catalogs, but this manufacture never achieved many sales in this country.

Galen Poole (with an Ofmega-equipped Bianchi) Jackson, MS

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Subject: [CR]Help identify 41T chainring

> This 41T ring came on a Campy crankset, but I'm wondering if it's a Campy
> ring or not. Only mark is shown in here:
> Thanks for the help, Jon Williams
> Grants Pass, OR