Re: [CR] WTB for wife bike: Green 22.5" SC...& Brooks B66 wide

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Subject: Re: [CR] WTB for wife bike: Green 22.5" SC...& Brooks B66 wide
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 18:12:51 +0000

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 11:10:32 -0400 From: Jeff Potter <> To: Subject: [CR]WTB for wife bike: Green 22.5" SC...& Brooks B66 wide

The project is a classy new-old bike for my wife. I'm going to build her up a green 70's Super Course for her daily 10 mile errands. She's been using an ugly trashed 80's C-dale and we have to put that to an end! She's basically the only bike commuter in our vicinity. She's lost 50# due to her erranding and is now buff and honed and is a great local bike role model---in my view anyway! Time to get her on a gorgeous ride. She's always resisted spending $ on a bike but she's an artist so she's willing to go for something as gorgeous and moderately valued as an SC. I'm going to add Hembrow wicker panniers and basket and upright bars with shellacked cork grips. ...And a Honey B67/66!!! (It will still be in our price-range.)

I've been patiently attempting to eBay a base bike and getting close. Anyone have a 22.5" green SC with nice paint they're willing to sell?

So I also need to a buy a wide, sprung leather saddle. Ideally Honey color and about 8-8.5" wide. It can be used and doesn't have to be Honey-colored anymore (they get darker, etc.). A Brooks B67/B66 Single-rail would do it. Maybe some other makes out there fill the bill as well. I'm not picky beyond: wide, springs, honey-ish.

I'd just buy a new saddle but we're not in that income bracket---she'd balk worse than me. But more than price, the main problem with buying a new saddle is no way (understandably) to return if dissatisfied. Which brings me to another request: if she tried out the saddle for a few days and couldn't stand it, could we return it? For an already used saddle, maybe someone will be game. My wife has only used a huge tractor gel saddle. She's open to trying something "real," though. I think she'll like it---she's pretty tough and tolerant. Anyway, if someone has one they'd sell at a bit of a deal, and with an off-chance that it might come back, that would be great.

Payment for bike and/or saddle can be made to include a trade for something I might have that they'd like. (See the OYB site.)

PS: I just spoke with my wife and she wants to test my B17 for a couple days to see if she thinks she's even close to being able to ride a leather saddle. I thought I'd toss this project idea out there anyway, just in case.

Thanks, JP --

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Hi Jeff: I don't think Super Courses ever came in a 22.5" - they were AFAIK always odd inch sizes, i.e. usually 21.5" - 23.5" - 25.5" c-t. I have the B67 in stock in antique brown for $76. I also have the B.17 S ($58) and the Team Pro S ($109), both in black. Greg Parker Dexter, Michigan