Re: [CR]Mid-70s 700C clincher rims?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Mid-70s 700C clincher rims?
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 16:33:59 -0700

I had a low-end white French ten-speed (name was some 4-letter word, sounded more Italian, iir, like Pino, Fuso or something), and it came with polished, eyeletted Milremo rims from around 1975. These were mod58 copies imo, possibly made by Super Champion. That wheelset now lives on a friend's old Bertoni, with Atom hubs iir, labels still intact. Gawd, I think it has STI and an 8-speed freewheel now, those wheels soldier on, having long-since been reamed for Shraeder valves.

I still have a stock of boxed, reddish 27" Elans, they hold better on some rims than others, the 13-19's being acceptable at the relatively modest pressures I run.

David "still sore from Auburn Century and Sacramento Cyclocross" Snyder
Sunny Auburn, CA

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\r?\n> Mavic mod. E and mod. E2 was out in 1975. Rigida 13-19, Super Champion

\r?\n> Gentleman next? Then Ambrosio 19 Extra soon afterwards?


\r?\n> Original impetus was Michelin making the Elan foldable tire from what I

\r?\n> understand. That tire tended to blow off the rim though.


\r?\n> All a fuzzy memory... anyone else???


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