Re: [CR]Longshot WTT: 26.2 N-R seatpost for 27.2?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Longshot WTT: 26.2 N-R seatpost for 27.2?
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 17:35:01 -0700

My Windsor Carerra also uses the 26.2mm size post, while my Pro uses 27.2mm.

That brazed-in shim might have prevented the cracks that formed to either side of the slot in the seat tube on my Windsor Pro. They milled the metal too thin for clearance with the binder bolt, so I had to terminate a couple of cracks with a 1/8" drill. I think I caught it just in time as the cracks were moving out and up under the stays. That was 1500 miles ago. The bike was an old throw-away at Goodwill, fully chromed under the peeling paint.

David Snyder Auburn, CA usa
> harvey sachs wrote:
> Just a note, Doug. I suspect that the market for 26.2 is "thin:" few bikes
> used them, in my experience, so they're hard to place and hard to find
> when needed. The notable exception was the Cinelli SC, which had a shim
> brazed in to the top couple of inches of the seat tube, reducing its
> diameter to 26.2. And reducing the tendency for seat pins to get frozen
> in place. I believe it is one of the diagnostics for telling a Cinelli
> from a Windsor imitation. Now, do I even have a 27.2 to trade, to have a
> spare....?