[CR]FS: Reynolds 531 Tubesets

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From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]FS: Reynolds 531 Tubesets
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 20:38:32 -0400

I have two sets for sale, genuine decals included, medium sized steerer tubes and nice pre-bent fork blades. See John Barron's original posting below as these are what I bought and have now decided to sell. Price is slightly less than what I paid; $85 per set including the decals or $160 for both sets.

Shipping will be actual amount via USPS, your choice of PP or priority insured. Payment via money order or personal check if we know one another; sorry, no Paypal, .

Eric Elman Somers, CT USA

For CR Folks only:

I am taking orders for tubesets for the next couple of days. I will be = buying only enough sets to cover orders placed by you folks, so buy now!

Double butted Reynolds 531 tubesets from the early 70's, with steerer = and headtube, (no decals, but I can provide 531 decals at a discount = with the tubesets)- 1-3 sets @ $70 ea; 4-8 sets at $56 ea; 9-15 sets @ = $51 ea

Steerer tubes are sized roughly SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE, please = specify. Headtubes come bulk, so I will supply them cut to the = approximate correct size based on the steerers that you get.

The seatstays are a very slender, pleasing single taper, the seat tubes = take 27.2 seat posts, the blades are most likely going to be pre-bent = with a nice, moderate racing bend from the Reynolds factory. I can not = guarantee any unbent fork blades, but will fill requests first come, = first served. The blades measure approximately 29mm x 16.4mm (outside = diameter), so be sure to measure your crowns, or I can supply them- see = below. These tubesets do not come with decals, but again, I can supply = them.

I can supply Prugnat long-point lugsets, (seat, and 2 head lugs) English = threaded bottom bracket shell and fully sloping fork crown for $15 with = any tube order. I normally supply 2 braze-on BB cable guides and a = braze-on chainstay cable stop, but I am unsure of what's still available = there, so again, these will be provided with the lugsets on a first = come, first served basis. I may be able to provide a Campy clamp-on = cable guide in lieu of the braze-on bit- please ask. = http://www.velostuf.com/prugnatlugs.jpg = http://www.velostuf.com/ForkCrownandBBShell.jpg

Genuine Reynolds 531 DB decal sets, (seat tube and fork blades, (2)) are = available with any tubeset ordered for an additional $19, (I get $35 for = them on my website). http://www.velostuf.com/531goldbandpress.jpg

Shipping will be basically at cost, but because small orders will = probably go USPS and large orders via FedEx Ground, I will quote these = costs when orders are placed. Keep in mind that unless they're sent USPS = Priority, shipping times will be somewhat slower during the holiday = season.

John Barron
Minneapolis MN