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At 12:03 PM -0400 9/22/05, stephen fredette wrote:
>i recently converted my 1952 AW with a 3 cog adaptor
>and the long axle from cyclo. i have an old benelux
>derailleur, but there doesn't seem to be enough space
>for it to retract down onto the the small cog. do i need
>to spread the rear to accomodate spacers?
>the bicycle is a birmingham made armstrong, and resembles
>the early raleigh sports model.

Those old Benelux Mark VIIs were astonishingly primitive by modern standards.

The low gear adjustment was done by turning the knurled end of the big hollow screw, then securing it with the jam nut.

The high gear adjustment, such as it is, was accomplished by _bending_ the upper arm of the derailer.

There used to be special tools for that but they're extinct now.

By the way, if you're actually going to use that Benelux, the secret is to regularly oil the outer flat coil spring. As the oil dries, they get stiffer and stiffer. When clean and well lubed these work OK.

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